Just-released series Money Heist: Korea has a connection with BTS and their fandom, ARMY. Here's how fans are reacting to it.

On Friday, much anticipated South Korean adaptation of the hit Spanish series Money Heist, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, was released on Netflix.

While the series has grabbed attention of existing fans, it has also created a storm among BTS fandom, ARMY, for featuring a BTS song.

Money Heist: Korea has introduced actor Jun Jong Seo as Tokyo, inspired by the original series, as a BTS fan.

She is seen listening and grooving to the tunes of BTS’ hit song DNA in North Korea despite people’s judgement.

Another user added to the comments, “If this isn't most of us when we're caught vibing to BTS in public

sometimes it doesn't even register my mind cause I'm just doing my little dances and suddenly when someone makes eye contact I pretend and stumble just like she did.

“One of my all time favourite shows is getting a Korean remake after I became obsessed with K-dramas and BTS and now they’re mentioned. I’m going to love this,” tweeted someone else.

By OJO = 'DNA' by BTS being played in the first episode of Money Heist: Korea (also talking about ARMYs)

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