Finally MultiVersus Open Beta Date Announced

Player First Games announces that MultiVersus is launching into Early Access soon with a full Open Beta to follow shortly thereafter.

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MultiVersus Game Very Soon

The multiverse, free-to-play fighting game like Super Smash Bros. is nearing its full launch.

MultiVersus Release Date Here

The release date of MultiVersus' Early Access launch, as well as the start of its Open Beta, have now been confirmed.

To test the waters and built up momentum for the fighting game before Open Beta arrives. It will officially start on July 19 and will be restricted in access.

The full MultiVersus Open Beta will unlock on July 26, just a week after Early Access begins. For now, there is no announced end date for the MultiVersus Open Beta.

Game director Tony Huynh has previously confirmed that the MultiVersus Open Beta will remain open permanently, barring the discovery of any "really awful bugs."

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8 maps are also included in Early Access, including the Batcave, Adventure Time's Tree Fort, and Scooby's Haunted Mansion.

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As for the game modes, there will also be 2v2 co-op matches, 1v1 matches, 4-player free-for-all, custom online lobbies, and lab practice modes.

Don't forget that MultiVersus also has several key technical features that are increasingly expected of fighting games in the modern gaming era.

“That means MultiVersus' Early Access and Open Beta have full cross-play support and server-based rollback netcode. Players across the world can expect to have stable matches regardless of platform.”